Sport and Culture Policy


The philosophy of The Settlers High School is to provide a balanced education to each learner. This supports the mission and vision of the school.  Also we wish to ensure that all learners represent the ethos of the school with their appearance at practises, rehearsals, performances and matches, and their behaviour at sports and cultural events.

This policy supports the brief of the constitution. The preamble states “…..adopt this Constitution as the supreme law of the Republic so as to ¬-Improve the quality of life of all citizens and free the potential of each person.”


The purpose of this policy is to clarify, for the learners, parents and staff of The Settlers High School, the acceptable and expected procedure and behaviour that will be followed at this school with regards to involvement in school sport and culture.


At The Settlers we believe in the holistic development of each learner. Apart from the obvious health benefits of playing sport, we believe that the learners acquire important life skills through their participation and commitment: good sportsmanship, teamwork, camaraderie, leadership, friendship and a wholesome healthy outlook.

Sport and culture at The Settlers is compulsory for learners. It is expected that each learner play at least one sport in summer and one in winter.  Each learner must do one cultural activity for the whole year.

Sport participation includes the following:

• Team Sports

• Service to a sport

• Mass Participation Activities.

Due to limited space in the different sports codes, learners who are not selected for a team will be placed in either a Walk for Life, Run for Fun or Yoga programme.  However, learners cannot sign up for these activities at the initial sport signup.

The learner’s involvement in school sport and culture will comprise part of their Life Orientation mark. They receive the marks if they participate in the sport and culture in the previous term. The mark is allocated if the learner participates in 75% of the events for that activity. 

Exemption from sport is assessed on a case-by-case basis by the Head of Sport in consultation with the Deputy Principal (Pastoral) and Headmaster. The learner must apply for an exemption by completing the relevant form, which can be collected from the Deputy Principal (Pastoral). Permissionwill, under normal circumstances, be given to learners with a serious medical condition.

There is no exemption from doing a cultural activity.  Learners who are over-involved in cultural activities (minimum 8 hours per week) can be exempted from sport by the headmaster in consultation with the head of culture.

Having committed to a school sport or cultural activity, no learner is permitted to stop participating in the sport or cultural activity during the course of the season (summer season runs from term 4 into term 1 of the next year, and winter season runs from term 2 into term 3), unless permission to do so has been granted by the Deputy Principal (Pastoral).


Learners are expected to honour their sporting/cultural commitments: 

They are expected to attend all practices and all matches for which they are selected. Medical appointments or extra lessons should not be arranged during these times. If, for good reason, a learner is unable to attend a practice or match, they should notify the teacher in charge well in advance. This should be accompanied by a letter signed by the parent / guardian. Giving a letter or a verbal message to the teacher in charge / coach via a team-mate is notacceptable.

If a learner is ill on the day of a match played or performance during the school week, the parent / guardian must contact the office before 9am on the morning of the match. If a learner is ill on the day of a match played/performance on a Saturday, the parent / guardian must contact the educator in charge of the team or team captain (as a last resort) as soon as possible.

Learners who are injured or not feeling well on the day of a practice or a match, must still attend the session as a spectator wherever possible.

Teachers in charge of each sports team/cultural activity will take register at every practice and be present for the duration of the practice. It is the responsibility of the learner to ensure that his/her name has been ticked off on the attendance register.

Punctuality is expected for all commitments, including practice sessions. 

If alearner is absent from school on a Friday preceding a Saturday event, they may not take part in anyschool event on the Saturday. If the absence for compassionate reasons, a decision about participation in the Saturday event is at the Headmasters discretion.

School sport/cultural activities takes precedence over any club fixtures, extra lessons and any other non-school activity.


Learners are expected to check the sports/cultural notice boards regularly. Team lists with practice times, match times, dates and transport arrangements etc. will be displayed on the notice board.

The school’s web page is an important source of information. The sports/cultural programme (practice days) and fixture lists/performances for most sports and cultural events for the current season can be found on the website.

Parents/Guardians must register with the school communicator, as this tool will be used to communicate any unplanned changes to matches or practises due to weather conditions and other unforeseen occurrences.


Learners are expected to adhere to the following code:

Be attentive at all practices.

Always wear the correct uniform to practices and matches/performances.

Show respect to the captain, coach, match officials, administrators and opponents.

•Know the rules of the game and play according to them.

Accept all the decisions made by the umpire/judges without questioning them.

Control their emotions.

Verbal or physical abuse of opponents, team-mates or umpires is notacceptable.  No malicious ‘chirping’ is allowed 

Be committed / loyal to their team.

Be hospitable to visiting teams.

Be good sportspersons, whether they win or lose.


No learner may practice any sport without teacher supervision.  An outside coach does not substitute for the role of the teacher.

Each team has been allocated specific days and times for practices. Sports practices may not take place at any other time other than their allocated practice times on the allocated practice days. Coaches / Teams may not arrange additional practices without the permission of the Head of Sport.

Cultural events will take place on a Monday from 15:00and during the rest of the week after 18:00.  The only exception will be the school’s premier Jazz Bands.

During the change of season, the sport of the current season will take preference until the official new season has started.  Seasons will be: Summer – Terms 4 and 1, Winter– Terms 2 and 3.Exceptions to this regulation are that preparation for the change of season sport may take place before 07:35 and after 17:30 if it does not clash with the current season sport. This preseason preparation cannot be made compulsory for a learner to attend.

Pre-season trials may not interfere with any existing practises, matches or scheduled cultural activities


Uniform for practices and Physical Education:

Learners may only wear the official sports uniforms or practice uniforms to practices. 

Cultural uniform must be appropriate for the occasion and with the approval of the Head of Culture.  The official uniform may not be mixed with casual wear.

No learner may leave the school premises after or duringsport or culture unless properly dressed in either full school uniform or regulation school sports kit / school tracksuit.

Learners may not change into sports outfits until after school, unless special permission has been given by the Head of Sport.

The school tracksuit may be worn to matches and cultural events. No other tracksuit may be worn


No kit may be organised for any team unless it has been approved by the Head of Sport, Executive and the Governing Body of the school. This additional kit must conform to the Branding of the school.

If additional kit had been approved for a tour, it may not be worn to practices and matches as it does not form part of the uniform.

All decisions made are at the final discretion of the Headmaster.

The policy will be reviewed on an annual basis or as the needs of the school change.