The representative council of learners consist of learners from every grade. These individuals are selected entirely by the student body with no intervention from the staff or parents.

Chairperson: Joshua van der Byl (Grade 12)
Vice-Chairperson: Nothando Mkhize (Grade 11)
Secretary: Zachary Mathys (Grade 9)
Assistant Secretary: Bulumko Booi (Grade 10)
Treasurer: Zinzan van Wyngaardt (Grade 11)

Grade 10: Grade 11: Grade 12:
Caleb Engelbrecht Hadley Herman Siyabukwa Mbelani
Mohammed Siddique Mowzer Nothando Mkhize Kelly Damon
Bulumko Booi Zinzan van Wyngaardt Joshua van der Byl

Grade 8: Grade 9:
Raeef Davids Zoe-Mae Burgers
Asisipho Maqhude Zachary Mathys
Sithaba Mqoqi Amyoli Swaartbooi


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