The Prefects are a democratically elected group of individuals who assist in managing the school, maintaining discipline, and represent the learners of our school on the Governing Body.

They also support the staff on each of our Management Commitees (MANCOs) and are an invaluable asset to the school..

Selection usually takes place at the start of the third term in Grade 11. Once the votes have been tallied, the Prefects are trained and assume their formal duty at Validictory.

Our head prefects, those leading the charge, are:

Head Prefect: Mikaeel Omar
Head Prefect: Ayden April

They are supported by the our deputy head prefects:

Deputy Head Prefect: Pumulo Mambwe
Deputy Head Prefect: Sinelizwi Mbatha

And finally, the following learners round out our whole prefect body:

Imaan Abrahams
Hadley-Joe Agulhas
Aqeelah Allie
Moin-Ali Bagus
Dylan Brink
Jason Bruintjies
Jessica Birch
Imaad Dalvie
Keisha de Jager
Mercy Fatoba
Althea Gabriels
Dominic Goliath
Miche Hans
Cassidy Hein
Thandi Jantjes
Lauren Lukas
Chloe Mabole
Grant Mafouta
Nthabaleng Mathabela
Zandile Matunzi
Victor Mvududu
Dorcy Opiyo
Keisha-Lee Ross
Kauthar Ryland
Kyle Truter
Kaitlin Voegt
Joshua Willoughby
Kyle Zinn

Teacher in Charge:  Mrs C Minnie



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