Admission Policy

Adopted by the Governing Body in terms of Section 5(5) of the South African Schools Act No. 84 of 1996

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Drug Policy

All drugs have the potential to harm; but some drugs are more harmful than others. For a small number of people, drugs lead to serious and far reaching consequences not only for themselves, but their families, their communities and society in general. For young people in particular, drugs can impact on their education, their relationships with family and friends and prevent them from reaching their full potential.

All young people need to be able to make safe, healthy and responsible decisions about drugs, both legal and illegal. Schools play a central role in helping them make such decisions by providing education about the risk and effects of drugs; by developing their confidence and skills to manage situations involving drugs; by creating a safe and supportive learning environment; and ensuring that those for whom drugs are a concern receive appropriate support.

However schools cannot act alone. They are part of a broader prevention picture which includes parents/carers and a range of partner agencies. By working together, we can help young people navigate their way through what is a complex social issue.

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School Uniform Policy

One can appreciate the importance of uniform and grooming for any person's own self-respect and the good name of the school.  In this regard certain rules are necessary.  All pupils must be familiar with the uniform and hair regulations as ignorance of these is no excuse for failure to comply with the regulations.

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