School Uniform Policy

Our policies are continuously updated and improved upon. For the latest version of this policy, please contact our school.

Appearance : One can appreciate the importance of uniform and grooming for any person's own self-respect and the good name of the school.  In this regard certain rules are necessary.  All pupils must be familiar with the uniform and hair regulations as ignorance of these is no excuse for failure to comply with the regulations.


Winter and Summer:

1    Blazer: Navy-blue barathea (P455 by Envoy).   Optional in summer.
2    Shoes: Black, round-toed with laces or 1 strap and buckle or the Dolly Shoes.
3    Raincoat: Navy-blue or White Dri-Mac.
4    Physical Education uniform:  Settlers golfshirt with approved navy-blue shorts or navy skirt (with official school track suit in winter)
5    School case : is obtainable from stockists, a uniform case is compulsory.
6    Navy blue sleeveless pullover with school crest.

1    Dress:  Settlers summer dress
2    Socks:  Plain white (short).

1    Tunic:  Navy-blue, terylene and approved design (5cm above the knee).
2    Shirt:  White, long-sleeved, V-collar.
3    Tie:  Official school tie.
4    Stockings:  Black, nylon or knitted (not chunky).
5    Jersey:  Navy, V-necked long-sleeve cardigan or pullover, plain stocking-stitch (may not be worn without a blazer).


1    Only non-decorative watches and Medic-Alert bracelets may be worn.  Any other jewellery will be confiscated.
2    No chains may be worn around the neck or wrist or ankle, etc.
3    Earrings - girls who have pierced ears may wear gold or silver studs or sleepers.   Studs - the small round ones only i.e. no coloured ones.  Sleepers - no big or thick rings - only up to the R1.00 coin size.   Extra holes in ears must be pierced during school holidays. Only one earring per ear - if girls have more than one hole in the ear, the earring must be in the bottom hole in the earlobe.


Winter and Summer:

1    Blazer:  Navy-blue barathea (P455 by Envoy).  Optional in summer.
2    Trousers:  Short or long college grey.  Long trousers may not be tapered.
3    Socks:  Grey (with school colours if worn with shorts).
4    Shoes:  Conventional black lace-up shoes (no patterns, fancy stitching or boots).
5    Raincoat:  Navy-blue or White Dri-Mac.
6    Physical Education uniform:  White shorts with Settlers Sports Shirt (with official tracksuit in winter) : Navy blue swimming trunks.
7    Uniform school case is compulsory and obtainable from the stockists.
8    Navy sleeveless pullover with school crest.


1    Shirt:  Official blue summer shirt with badge on pocket.


1    Shirt:  Plain White long sleeved, V-collar.
2    Tie:  Official school tie.
3    Jersey:  Plain stocking-stitch college navy blue, V-necked pullover.


All articles of clothing must be clearly marked with the owner's name.  THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT.   If items are handed in to lost property and are unmarked, they are kept for two weeks and then handed over to the clothing exchange.


Sportsman's Warehouse , Bill Bezuidenhout Ave, Tygervalley.  (ph: 021    914 1801)
De Jagers Outfitters, Gihon Building, Sportieka Rd, Tyger Valley.  (ph: 021    914 7816)

are the official stockists of our school colours and uniform and parents are urged to  ensure that the official school uniform is strictly adhered to as no deviation from the prescribed standards will be permitted.


The school operates a clothing exchange whereby parents may sell good clothing that no longer fits their children, at a price that could help other parents wishing to purchase articles of school uniform.  Sales are held every Tuesday after school, except during Exams.  Should you be interested, you would be most welcome to come to the school to see whether there are any articles that would suit your child.   (You are also invited to send in articles in reasonably good and clean condition.)


Togbags are not acceptable as they damage textbooks.  No graffiti allowed.  NO KARRIMOR BAGS ALLOWED.  Only official school cases which are available from our stockists are allowed.


Only the official school togbags allowed.
A Drawstring Sports Bag is available ( from our stockists) for small items (NOT BOOKS).

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