A    Care and Discipline:  Pastoral care is a priority.  Individual counselling and a positive atmosphere are generated by a  happy school.  Firm discipline is expected and the printed code of conduct makes school expectations clear.

The Code of Conduct has been revised and adapted to the S.A. Constitution and S.A. Schools' Act.

Pupils are under the school's direct control

(a)    while travelling to and from school (including school functions)
(b)    while on the school's property
(c)    while representing the school

Pupils are the school, whether they are in uniform or not.  At all times pupils should ensure that no inconvenience is caused to the public, and that there is no cause for criticism.

The appearance and conduct of each individual in and out of school are of concern to the school and are a reflection of the expectations of the school.   Pupils should be co-operative with the Code of Conduct.

The school has pastoral care over its pupils both in and out of school in the form of guidance, counselling and discipline, especially when there is misbehaviour, anti-social behaviour and illegal behaviour.  The school feels an obligation to care for its pupils and to ensure that their conduct is a credit to the school, to their parents and to themselves.  When a pupil conducts himself in a way of which the community disapproves, e.g. smoking, or drinking in public (except under direct supervision of the parent), hitchhiking, possessing pornography or harmful drugs, driving without a licence, vandalism, dishonesty, bullying etc., the school will deal with the matter, particularly in cases of excess or wilful harm.

B    Grade Heads:  Each grade has educators in charge who look after the interests of the grade and who counsel individuals.  Parents may contact the Grade Heads direct.

C    Pupil Leadership:  Prefectship is the highest office for pupils:  our prefects are highly respected.  Each class has a class representative.  We elect members of the R.C.L.   Each sport team has a captain and each society has a chairperson.  In addition there are many ways of offering service:  library, flag raising, cricket scorers, media, kit room, calligraphers, backstage, etc.

D    Individual Success:  Although this school has very fine educators and wonderful opportunities, pupils must realize that success at school is dependent on themselves:  on having a positive attitude and asserting themselves.  I expect every pupil to : be smart; try his/her best; and be involved.

E    Assembly:  The school assembles twice a week to hold devotions and to deal with general matters.   The Tuesday assembly is shared by the Executive (Senior Management),  prefects and a special gender assembly.  The Friday assembly  is the Headmaster's contact time with the school. These occasions create school unity and are opportunities for pupil leadership.