UCT Science Expo Photo 2On Saturday 2 March 2013, over 400 learners from 5 different schools were exposed to the science faculty at UCT here at our very own campus. All Gr 10, Gr 11 and Gr 12 learners doing Mathematics and Physical Sciences at our school were invited to attend. The learners were exposed to some mind blowing experiments and workshops. The highlight must be the dissection of a shark, bat and bird.  In another interesting workshop, learners built a telescope which they could take home with them. The workshop entitled “"Death on the Black Pearl" - Using Science to solve crimes!” tested the problem solving and scientific investigation skills of the learners.

The learners were also inspired by a past pupil Farah Abdurahman who is doing post graduate studies at UCT in the science Faculty.

And many learners were given a dose of reality when they attended a talk on the entry requirements for the Sciences at UCT. Many realised that they would have to improve their marks drastically to gain entry into a faculty of their choice. This has motivated many learners to work just that much harder.

The various faculties also had exhibition stands in the Reeler Hall. Here learners could get specific information on each faculty. The chemistry faculty had the learners making colourful polymers at their stand while the physics faculty provided a hair rising opportunity with the Van der Graaff Generator and static electricity. The Mobile science centre also provided learners with various opportunities to test their problem solving skills.

To quote Einstein “He who can no longer pause to wonder and stand rapt in awe, is as good as dead; his eyes are closed.” We have provided some moments for our learners to stand in awe and opened their minds to the wonders and opportunities in the Sciences.

W. Horn- Deputy Principal


UCT Science Expo Photo 3