What an exciting day for the grade 8 learners, the grade 8 teachers and the prefects. The grade orientation proved to be a huge success when the grade 8’s thoroughly enjoyed themselves. The prefects worked tirelessly to entertain the hyperactive individuals with fun, innovative games ranging from potato races to obstacle courses. Despite the oppressive heat the learners continued to complete each assigned activity with shear enthusiasm and soon conformed to the Settlers theme of “No Excuses”. They soon learnt that at Settlers there was no giving up and all pupils were encouraged to participate to the best of their ability. In fact the learners were so eager to express their enjoyment that they insisted on cheering throughout the day.

Various games and activities allowed the learners to interact with their fellow classmates, make new friends and feel more comfortable around one another. The famous ‘Fruit Salad’ game was played in which pupils were seated on chairs in a circle. Each pupil was assigned a specific fruit and when their particular fruit was called out they had to leave their chair and find a chair on the opposite side of the room. When the word ‘fruit salad’ was announced all learners were required to find a new chair. Every time a different fruit would be called out, one chair would be removed from the circle leaving somebody without a chair.  The person in the middle was then asked to either, sing, dance or entertain the classmates with a joke. The learners were shy at first but soon had the grade in awe at the variety of talents showcased.  This particular activity gave the learners an opportunity to bond with one another.

Other activities amongst others included the “name” game and the “plank” game. The name game involved learners having to introduce their names with their very own signature move and thereafter the rest of the learners had to repeat the name and signature movement.  This game had everyone laughing at the both interesting and scary signature moves and the learners had great fun. The plank game had a team of four learners trying to balance their feet and walk simultaneously on two different planks. The “right left right left” approach was needed here but the various teams found it impossible to synchronise one another’s footsteps with many learners having two left feet. Brilliant teamwork and leadership skills were displayed in this activity, which enabled learners to actually move a few steps from their starting point. 

At the end of an exhausting day where both pupils and prefects were drained of energy, the grade 8’s were fed and given the opportunity to unwind in the pool until 02.30 p.m.  The gr8 orientation was an absolutely fantastic experience which strengthened the grade’s unity considerably.

Written by Tiffany Agulhas