The act of debating is an art and DF Malan had no idea what Monday, 18 February truly had in store for them when they challenged The Settlers High School.

The debate started promptly at 6:30 with the junior debaters. The motion was: this house supports the early release of prisoners who have earned an education qualification in prison.

We, The Settlers, were the opposition (against the motion) and DF Malan was the proposition (for the motion.) The Settlers had a disadvantage - the first of which were the new rules and, the second, the limited amount of time the debaters had with their new coach. Ten minutes before the debate started there was the frantic hurling of pages and stressed out expressions. Probably a dangerous environment to start cracking some jokes. Nevertheless our debaters lived up to their proud name and did the best they could. The debate was an entertaining one and every point was well spoken. Sadly The Settlers lost the junior debate but we deserved an A for effort. The most surprising was that Vivek Abrahams (second speaker for our debating team) was a mere beginner yet he demonstrated all the qualities of a great debater.

Soon after, the senior debate against DF Malan had started. The motion was: user friendly HIV kits should be distributed amongst the population. Being a senior debate, our debaters only found out whether they were the proposition or the opposition on the day. We found out that we were the opposition. It was a wide-eyed debate, looks were exchanged and POI’s (point of information) became regular. The Settlers struck an unforgettable fear in their rivals and it became quite obvious who would win. DF Malan on the other hand didn’t want to give up without a fight. In the end, The Settlers won this debate and our first speaker for the opposition became “Best Speaker”.

Well done to all our debaters, Senior and Junior. I can’t wait for next time.

Zoë Joshua

About the Author:

As one of our newest journalists, Zoë Joshua (Grade 8) has shown her love for the English language and her passion for writing. This is her first of many entries for our blog.