Settlers, it’s out with the old and in with the new. On the twentieth of February 2013 a mobile lab was introduced

Phoito of a mobile laptop in the class room

Mr. Haupt’s grade eleven History class learners were the guinea pigs for this experiment. The operation went very smoothly a into a class room for the very first time. Each learner was issued with their very own mini-laptop which they would use to complete their essays.

This project started in the History department but, after an interview with Mr Haupt, it is likely that we will be seeing similar labs in many more classrooms. The lab is very convenient for learners. Instead of going to the computer labs like in the past, now the lab has come to us. Each learner is allocated with his or her very one laptop to use during that period. They may save the work onto flash drives and continue the next day. In this way, we save time when writing long passages of work and of course we have a lot of fun too. nd the learners found the mobile lab very exciting. Although the mobile lab was a huge step at making the school more technologically advanced it did not come cheap. For one lab alone the cost was a staggering one-hundred and eighty thousand rand.

Written by Nejat Hussein