The Valentine’s Dance was an evening to remember.

It began with the arrival of the students who paraded their outfits. Some new, bought for this very occasion, and others dug out of closets and deemed fashionable.

There was the usual chit-chat as the students awaited admission into the Hobbs Hall. All students were searched, for any substances of an unsavoury nature, by the prefects. A cavity search was performed on the pupils, which caused some embarrassment and much laughter. They were then ushered inside and informed that they may store their belongings in the gallery for a small fee of five rand.

The hall had been decorated with strobe lights, chairs, a smoke machine and a DJ’s turntable. There was the milling around of students as they waited for the skies to darken and the DJ to begin spinning tracks.

After a few songs, the prefects assembled all the students in the hall, so that they could begin the Valentine’s Day prize giving ceremony. There were many cheers, oohs and aahs as winners went on stage to collect their prizes. Here are but a few of the winners: Donna-Lee Martin and Aiden Leetz won Best Prefect Couple, Dylan Bearschank and Dilshaad Adams won She’s Too Shy and He’s Too Slow, Andrea Hendericks and Dean Toefy won Undercover Lovers  and Preston May and Lauren McKrieling won Mr and Mrs Settlers. There were some surprise nominations in the Best Teacher’s Couple of Miss Pienaar and Mr Kriel, as well as Miss Heslop and Mr Meyer. However, the prize was won by Miss Pienaar and Mr Kriel.

As the day turned to dusk, the party was kicked up into high gear. People danced, laughed and enjoyed themselves. The dance floor was especially packed when the DJ played old-school American hip-hop such as “Up In Here” by DMX and “Pass The Courvoisier Part 2” by Busta Rhymes.

There were many dance demonstrations and displays, which I am sure videos of which have already been sent to much of the school’s population by those who recorded them. One of note was when two Korean boys in grade ten, Alex Kang and Adam Kim, performed ‘Gagnam Style’ for the cheering crowd.

The prefects were kept busy, ensuring that there was no ‘dirty dancing’ or anything untoward happening on the dance floor. The Matric Farewell Committee (MFC) was also kept on its feet, selling refreshments to the hungry and thirsty party-goers.

The night ended with Christopher Petersen playing on the drums and the whole hall performing the “Settlers Rumble”. All in all, it was an epic night.

Written by Christine Ile