It is a great honour and pleasure to welcome you to the latest iteration of our school website.

This version has been in the works for almost a year now and after all this time it is finally ready. Please take a moment to read about all the great improvements and new features that we have added based on your feedback.

Search Functionality:

Yes! It is indeed here! Now you no longer have to go through tons of menus to find anything (unless you really want to). Simply type in your query in the search box at the top of the page, press enter and voilà - a list of options will appear if it finds something on our website

Better Mobile & Tablet Support:

Many of our users use tablets or smartphones to access our website and, in the past, this was quite a hassle. With some very fancy code, our friends at NetMechanic made our website dynamically adjust in size to your screen. The menu system also adjusts accordingly with a new hamburger menu (those three lines - depicted in the image to your right) coming into existance when you view our site on your phone or when your screen becomes to small to view our full site.

Improved Navigation & Menu System:

The way in which we store pages and other content on our website has been drastically altered. You may not see it at first, but everything is categorised now and organised a lot better. We have also added a left-hand navigation system that will help provide links which we don't necessarily want to display in our main menu (the one at the top of the page) to help prevent clutter.

News Banner:

In the past, we've had a massive banner which showed a bunch of pictures - and that was pretty much it. Communicating to visitors of our site was not that stellar and so we needed a solution and our news banner was the answer. This banner will be updated regularly with news and pictures posted across all our communication channels and will sometimes have important announcements.

Under the Hood & The Future:

Although the website may look similar in some cases to our previous version, there have been a lot of improvements made to the backend. What this means is that we have a much better platform to bring you better services and quicker updates in the future. Stay tuned for more information about what will be coming next.

Your Feedback:

The website was designed with you in mind and so we would appreciate your feedback. Please bear in mind that, although we have tried our best to avoid any issues, there are going to be some teething problems and some content may be incomplete or missing for the next couple of weeks. We will strive to sort out any problems as soon as we can.

Nevertheless, you are more than welcome to e-mail your feedback directly to me at ng@settlers.org.za

Thank you.


Mr Nieuwoudt
i/c Electronic Communication