As part of the celebrations of The Settlers’ Golden Jubilee, two of our teachers, Mr Paul Haupt and Ms Bonita Belelie, compiled a book showcasing the developments and achievements of the school through the ages. This, together with stunning photographs (some taken by and screened by the ever perceptive Jaimey-Ann Dyers for their quality) provided by past pupils and friends of The Settlers, makes this a colourful and memorable book.

The authors interviewed each past and present principals as to what their journey at The Settlers was like and which developments they were most excited to see.

The very establishment of an English-medium high school in a predominantly Afrikaans area was quite a task as well as The 1990s seeing The Settlers becoming the first open school in the Northern Suburbs, which allowed people of all races to complete their secondary education at the school.

The book celebrates those students who excelled in the four pillars of the school and how their success at high school has latched onto successful careers in their various fields.

The book is easy to read and is aesthetically pleasing. It encompasses what The Settlers is about and stirs up pride for being part of its incredible journey. A definite must-have!

The book will be retailing at R100 and can be purchased at the school's front office.