Naruto Cosplay

Japan: A place of mystery, history and adventure. It is a country renowned for sushi, green tea, ninjas and samurai. Ironically, one of Japan’s biggest exports is either not known or completely ignored. Yup, you guessed it, it is Anime.

Anime (pronounced “Anna-may”) is a specific style of 2D-animation that caters to a wide range of people. Indeed, many Anime series are made for teenagers and adults covering all sorts of topics including quantum mechanics, sport and environmental awareness. These topics are then “wrapped up” into a cool story-line with comedy and action.

At The Settlers High School we are privileged enough to have our own Anime Society where we not only watch Anime, but also learn about the Japanese culture. For example, during a recent society get-together, we learnt some origami - which is the Japanese art of paper folding.

"The society is much more than just watching Anime" said Mr Nieuwoudt, the teacher in charge.

When asked to elaborate on this statement, he replied, "It is about exploring a different culture while at the same time having fun. Every term we have a theme. The first term focused on the Japanese language where members learnerd basic phrases. This term, of course, was all about how Japanese people live their every day lives. The third and fourth term will focus on Japanese Food and Japanese Festivals respectively".

The Anime Society also did a Cosplay this term. Each member of the society had to dress up as a character from an Anime. Members were encouraged to create their own costumes while spending as little money as possible. There were many different characters, some creative and others not so creative. There were characters from series like Bleach, Naruto, Hajime no Ippo, Zero no Tsukaima and many more.

Each member who took part received a sweet as a prize. The three winners of the competition were:

1st: Jaydee Olivier (Grade 8)

2nd: Toyosi Adesina (Grade 9)

3rd: Jenay Louw (Grade 12)

So all in all, it was a fun day. In the end I also joined in the festivities by dressing up as a character from Spirited Away - a famous Japanese movie - though I'm sure you already knew that.

Nex term, the Anime Society will be making sushi.

I can't wait.

Written by Courteney Cloete