Our Jazz bands are highly-esteemed and obtain great prestige in whatever they enter. This is attributed to woman behind it all, Mrs Johannes.

After matriculating from The Settlers, Mrs Johannes acquired her Bachelor of Music specialising in Jazz Studies at the University of Cape Town.

She decided to teach, as she firmly believes that education is key. To her, the future generation needs someone to show them how to lead the way and enjoys working at The Settlers because of the vibrant children she is surrounded with on a daily basis. She cultivates raw talent and produces stellar musicians.

One of her greatest passions are animal welfare, as one immediately notices as one enters her office. The ill treatment of animals infuriates her as she is unable to comprehend why anyone would want to do harm to a living organism, being animal or human.

If she could change one thing, it would be people’s behaviour. She detests the greed and selfishness in people and thinks the world would be a much better place without it.

Mrs Johannes believes that music is in her bones – she did not choose this life, it chose her. When she was younger, she would wake up to the sound of music every morning, thus it became embedded in her system.

 She is part of two bands, QuinTessential and SIstahood, and heads our highly-acclaimed Chromatix and Dynamix Jazz bands.

Mrs Johannes is the catalyst to many students’ journey in music and is a valuable asset to the school’s Music department.

Written by Jaimey-Ann Dyers
Press Club