First Teams - Fairmont Contact 2013Tears, blood, laughter, pain, but mainly pride. These are the things that fill the lives of any average teenager. But today, today every emotion experienced was in the name of The Settlers High as we participated at the annual Fairmont contact.

Our 1st team hockey girls saw themselves experiencing a few difficulties on the Friday preceding the Saturday derby as they faced Fairmont in a league game, only to find that the Astro turf had been double booked. In the spirit of camaraderie Fairmont gladly allowed us to track back to their school by giving us a hand with transport and luggage.

After a long drive the game began, unfortunately Fairmont had the upper hand in structure, confidence and perseverance, leaving Settlers with a 4-0 loss. After much shouting, talks and tears, each player walked off the field with the hope to redeem their name in the following game.

Saturday started off with a bang as the 1st teams of both Settlers and Fairmont began the opening ceremony. As they marched onto the field with pride for the badge which they wore on their chest, each school was given a chance to not only sing their school song, but also give a spirited cheer to excite the crowd before the 1st team games, which all took place at 11:30 shortly after the march on.

The friendly saw one of Settlers’ top strikers Shannen Naude kit up as goal keeper leaving our usual goal keeper in the front line with the hope to this time score a few goals. This shuffle of positions was great fun and did not reflect the true score which was 1-0 to Fairmont.

With this said Fairmont Contact 2013 was the last for many students, but also the first in a long line of matches for others, where one does not play for the joy of oneself but for the pride of one’s school.

Written by Mohini Anand