Mr Haupt completed his secondary education at Parktown Boys’ High school in Johannesburg. In his Matric year, he knew that he wanted to pursue either law or the education. He then completed his Bachelor of Arts specialising in Language and History  and HDE at the University of KwaZulu-Natal and Cape Town and later a B Ed.

History is Mr Haupt’s passion. He believes that this subject teaches learners to gather information, synthesize it and produce an argument. According to him, to write good essays one needs to communicate well and have a strong stance. Mr Haupt takes a liking to constitutional law, thus he specially enjoys teaching American History.

His essence is built on a deep, personal faith as well as the value of integrity. He values all life and quotes the Dalai Lama, saying, “My religion is kindness.”

In his spare time, Mr Haupt enjoys spending time in his garage, working on motorcars. He too enjoys writing and has written two books documenting the developments of the school, one which will be launched in November this year. He has also written textbooks for his subject and regularly contributes to a North West University Journal.

Mr Haupt started at The Settlers in 1997 and believes that the vibrance of the learners is the highlight of his day. He admires Mrs Hall and Mrs Heinz for their straight forward attitude and that they never bear grudges. He also admires fellow History teacher, Ms Belelie, for her warm-heartedness and that she does not tolerate nonsense from anyone.

Mr Haupt says that as the human race, we need to be more understanding towards each other and that we should live and let live. Mr Haupt is specially known for his multitude of general knowledge and for having a distinct, dry humour.

Mr Haupt currently manages the U16B Boys Hockey team and is the MIC of swimming.

Written by Jaimey-Ann Dyers
Press Club