It is hip to be square!

On Tuesday, the seventh of May, The Settlers was fortunate to welcome the HIP2B2 team to our labs. Fifteen learners had the opportunity to do fun experiments in groups of five with the facilitation and guidance of the HIP2B2 team. Before diving straight into the experiments, learners were shown videos in which they were informed about the application of science and maths in the workplace and the importance of innovations internationally. We were privileged to have entrepreneur and innovator of the DryBath™, Ludwick Marishane, who holds the title of best student entrepreneur in the world at the Global Student Entrepreneurs Awards 2011 and was named as part of Google’s 12 young brightest minds in the world, to speak to the learners about innovating and the origin of his idea. All the learners were star struck by the presence of this young achiever.

After having built up excitement for the afternoon’s experiments through the presentations, learners were given the first of six brain teasing activities to complete, such as constructing a dome with very limited materials, transporting water without lifting buckets, building candle holders, solving riddles and even lighting a candle without using a match! Through this experience learners were taught how to solve problems in very limited time and the importance of team work and creativity.

All the learners walked away from this experience inspired and motivated to enter the exciting world of science and technology and perhaps we will hear about learners of The Settlers following in the footsteps of the great innovator, Ludwich Marishane, in the near future.

By Allison Arendse