Mrs McKenzie started her journey at The Settlers in her high school career. She was chairperson of the Drama society for three consecutive years, basketball scorer, Pringle House cheerleader and took part in many school fashion shows.

At Stellenbosch University, she acquired her BA degree in Humanities, specialising in Psychology and English, as well as completing her PGCE. At her residence, Huis Erica, she was fondly known as the ‘peuter’ and would initiate the songs sung to impress various audiences.

Mrs McKenzie is passionate about her job and frequently expresses how happy she is to come to school every day. She believes this job allows her to redirect the thinking of her students, making a difference in their lives. To her, one of the most rewarding moments are when her students are smiling. If she had not become a teacher, she would want to delve into politics, as she believes that these are channels that allow her to impact lives and make a difference.

The school spirit and sense of family is the largest pull factor for Mrs McKenzie. Her sons are always seen with her on the sports field or at cultural events as she believes that it is important for them to learn about being proactive in life.

The English Department forms one of her biggest support structures. She says that Mrs De Kock feels like an older sister who she can confide in. When she is around Mrs Hendricks, her mood is instantly uplifted. Mrs Ingpen is one of her closest friends and was a bridesmaid for Mrs McKenzie’s wedding, as Mrs McKenzie was for hers.

When asked what message she has for learners of The Settlers, she replied that you should strengthen and empower yourself through education and magnify your strengths. She firmly believes that The Settlers provides you with a multitude of opportunities, in order for you to become strong, independent adults.

Currently, Mrs McKenzie serves on the Pastoral Manco, manages the U16B hockey, U16A and First Team Basketball boys and is actively involved in Shaw House and Interschools cheerleading.

To many, Mrs McKenzie is a mother figure and confidant, who genuinely wants to see you succeed in life.

Written by Jaimey-Ann Dyers
Press Club