Don Maisels, a bright grade 11 learner from The Settlers recently participated in KFM’s GK Teens – a general knowledge quiz – and won a whopping R500 in cash as well as R5 000 deposit towards his first purchase at Claremont VW. But that’s not all. He’s also ranked top of the leader board with a score of 15- the highest for this year!

“Being top of the leader board feels unreal... I thought I stood a good chance of winning the R500 but being top was way beyond my expectations but I'm glad I pleasantly surprised myself” said a proud and elated Don.

When asked what encouraged him to enter this contest, he replied, “Well, honestly, the R500 prize money for the winner was enticing. Other than that I really wanted to see if my general knowledge was any good at all. The competition seemed liked a fun way to test it”. And we can safely deduce that this was a test that he passed with flying colours.

Don managed to answer a staggering 18 questions in just sixty seconds. 15 of which, he had answered correctly, beating his opponent by 7 points and making Settlers extremely proud. His friends, particularly, whose enthusiasm could be heard over the radio.

With only a week of April left, Don is keeping his fingers crossed that he stays at the top until the end of the Month, which would guarantee him a spot in the lucky draw which could win him a brand new Polo Vivo at the end of the year. 

Written by Zakiyyah Hoosain