We heard: “ From matric jackets to pullovers”

We thought: “From FAB TO DRAB!”

We invented: A unique innovation that had the heads of past pupils spinning in curiosity.

It was only a few months ago in November 2013  when the grade 11’s of 2012 heard the devastating news that an executive decision had been made and that they would not be receiving matric jackets in their final high school career. This decision immediately had the grade 11’s up in arms and without fail was the subject of every facebook, bbm, whatsapp and mxit status.  Heated debates as to whether we were treated fairly and whether the school had the right to take away our matric jackets were raised. However this soon changed when Ms Horn, “once again”, addressed us with one of her, “At Settlers,It’s NOT a right, It’s a privilege!”, speeches.Two Settlers Students Proudly Displaying Matric Top 2013

We argued that a matric jacket would be a symbol of the legacy we intended to leave and she argued that if we so desperately wanted to leave a legacy we could do so by building a school for the impoverished. Clearly it didn’t take us long to realise that if getting a matric jacket meant getting through Ms Horn first we didn’t stand a  chance!

We were fighting the inevitable.

Nevertheless the final product far exceeded our expectations and funnily enough learners who had the most complaints with regards to the transition, were the first to own the spanking-brand-new jerseys and pullovers. The grade was given the opportunity to actively participate in the design of the jersey and the pullover and all valuable input received, was taken into consideration during the manufacturing process. Liesel Engel’s design was initially selected and thereafter adjustments were made as per the grade’s requests.

This transformation has positively contributed to the rebranding of the school. It promotes class, uniformity and originality and above all has allowed the matriculants of 2013 to leave their legacy in an irrevocable manner anyway. A big thank you, to all educators, learners and manufacturers who were involved in making the pullover a huge success. I suppose change is good after all especially once you embrace it.

Written by Tiffany Agulhas