Cartoon Boy StudyingEditor's Note: This is the fourth of five blog posts in our Academic Blog Series which will be published weekly until the start of the June Exam. Feel free to add your own tips or links to online resource material in the comment section below.

The exams are drawing ever closer and Settlers is busier than ever. We are being given more than enough work to do, especially with the omnipresent deadlines of the term’s biggest assignments looming over our heads. In between all this work, try to incorporate this week’s tips into your study method.

Tip #7: Test Yourself

When preparing for a test or examination, it is vitally important to know which sections of the work you don’t know thoroughly. This can be done by testing yourself. Try partnering up with a friend: each of you could set up a little test for the other to complete. You could also just quiz each other verbally. This will be really helpful in gauging which sections of the work you should be spending more time on.

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Tip #8: Use Pictures

It is a common misconception that studying needs to consist only of notes and summaries. A great way to retain information is to use images, especially for students who enjoy drawing and are visually inclined. Try using little doodles to replace phrases and concepts; the more colourful, the better. This does of course include mind maps, etc. However, if you are someone who gets distracted easily (especially while studying), it might be best for you to avoid this method, as you might just end up spending your entire study session concentrating solely on making pretty little pictures instead of actually studying, but it’s still worth a shot to try this way of learning.

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Written by Carla Meyer