Cartoon of boy studyingEditor's Note: This is the second of five blog posts in our new Academic Blog Series which will be published weekly until the start of the June Exam. Feel free to add your own tips or links to online resource material in the comment section below.

With three weeks left before the start of the June Exam, here are this week's academic tips

Tip #5: Forward Thinking

If you’re aware of the fact that you will be too busy to finish an assignment or revise for a test or exam the night before, you should plan ahead and make sure that you compensate for that time in your study timetable. Get your work done as soon as possible, because you never know what might come up. For example, you might get an assignment to do a month before the due date, but unfortunately, a large percentage of students will completely forget about it until just before the due date and then run around frantically to try and finish everything on time. Unfortunately, if something comes up and causes you to be unable to do your work, there’s nothing you can do but regret not planning ahead. 

Tip #6: Eat Right

Most people might not know this, but eating certain foods really does increase brain activity and makes studying easier. We often hear about “brain food”, like vegetables and oily fish. But what exactly is brain food? Well, in short, these are the foods that contain essential fatty acids and certain vitamins required for optimum brainpower, such as the B vitamin group. These foods, such as fish, nuts and berries, boost alertness, memory and stress resistance and will make learning much easier, especially if they are eaten while studying. 

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Written by Carla Meyer