Academic Overview


The Settlers High School has high standards: Pupils are expected to rise to the positive expectations of the educators.


The policy of the school is that of positive re-inforcement. Recognition is given of good work and each pupil is encouraged to reach his/her potential. Dedication certificates are presented individually to pupils who give of their best. At Prize Giving recognition is given to excellence.

School Times: 

Pupils are expected to line up outside their classrooms at 7:45. School begins at 7:50 and ends at 14:45 except on Mondays at 14:15. Periods are approximately 45 minutes long with 7/8 in a day.  There are two breaks in a day.  The time table stretches across a two week cycle. Standardised tests are held on every Thursday.


Each pupil should do homework each day to consolidate the work done that day, preparation for the next day and reading. Junior pupils (grades 8 and 9) should do about 1½ hours a day and senior pupils (grades 10,11,12) should do about 3 hours a day. An official homework book, which is issued to each pupil, must be used.


Examinations are times of testing and should be approached positively and with confidence. The major exams are in June, September and November. Controlled tests are held in March. After the March and June exams parent interviews are held to discuss academic reports. Continuous assessment is done throughout the year.  Over the last 15 years only 8 matriculants have not passed.


The new curriculum requires that there is continuous work done in all subjects.

GET: (General Education and Training) Learning areas : Grade 8 & 9

  1. Language :   English Primary Language
    Afrikaans Primary or 1st Additional Language
  2. Mathematics
  3. Natural Science
  4. Social Science : History
  5. Economic and Management Sciences
  6. Creative Arts:    1.  Art
    or    2.  General 
    or    3.  Music
    or    4.  Drama
  7. Technology
  8. Life Orientation:  
    1. Guidance
    2. Physical Education
    3. Grade Head Lessons and Counselling

National Senior Certificate NSC: Gr 10 to 12

(Take 7 Subjects)

Compulsory Subjects (4 subjects; 1 from each section)

  1. English Home Language
  2. Afrikaans Home Languag
    Afrikaans 1st Additional Language
  3. Life Orientation
  4. Mathematics or Mathematics Literacy
    Elective Subjects (3 Subjects, 1 from each section)
  5. Physical Sciences/Economics/Dramatic Arts*/Life Sciences/Information Technology*
  6. Physical Sciences/Life Sciences/Geography/Consumer Studies*/ Music
  7. Accounting/History/Visual Arts/Economics/Geography

* These subjects have space limitations and all requests may not be accommodated.

Additional subjects may be taken in consultation  with the school but as they do not form part of the subjects offered, remain the parents  responsibility for ensuring all necessary compliance.