The Settlers High School is situated comfortably on the border between Parow and Bellville, and scenic views of the Table Mountain range and Tygerberg can be had from each of the school's sports fields. Our school has grown in more ways than one since its humble beginnings and now rates as one of the top schools in the Western Cape. Evidence of this can be found no matter where one looks at the school.

Make your way to the swimming pool via the Daly Walk way. The herbaceous aroma greets your senses as you stroll past the indigenous garden. It is along this walk way that you will hear the eager cheers of our learners as they compete for the Swimming Cup and Spirit Stick at the annual swimming gala. The squelching heat of the January sun is no match for the house cheerleaders of Bain, Shaw and Pringle House.

On any other day of the week the learners use the Daly Walkway as they make their way to hockey practice on Fairfield Astro or an indoor game of basketball ball in the Reeler Hall. Stop for a cold beverage at the kiosk in the Loevenstein Sports Centre which is nestled on the lower slopes of the school campus overlooking the astro and Fairfield Sports Fields. On derby days the teachers can be found in the Gilbert Room rooting for the home teams to the eager delight of the players. In winter, the First Rugby team plays their home games on Fairfield, thrashing their way to victory with the cheers of avid Settlers Supporters drifting on the chilly breeze.  As your eyes scan across the field, look to the cricket nets, empty in winter but a hive of activity when the changing season comes. Watch our gentlemanly cricketers, practise mastering a slow ball, or study the spinner as he sets his sights on the batsman in the nets.

Make your way to the upper campus, to Hobbs Hall, the centre of the Settlers community. Home to our bi-weekly assemblies, and The Settlers Choir. Monday evenings are synonymous with choir practice and the cultural society hour that preceded earlier in the day. Choose from our many cultural societies of which there is one to suit every interest, from Art Society to the Roots Historical Society. Learner commitment is developed through active participation. Hobbs Hall is also home to the much-anticipated annual music and drama productions. A true extravaganza, of music, drama, and spectacular lights, these productions are the perfect platform for our talented learners, whose ability is honed by the much respected Music and Drama Departments. 

From the Webster Auditorium, make your way along the passages of the school to the various classrooms where the highly qualified staff put the child at the centre of their educational thinking and practices. In the science labs you will find learners conducting the age-old ticker-tape time experiment to measure accelerated motion. Alternatively, make your way to the English Wing for a lively forum discussion.

Academically the school is strong and The Settlers has been acknowledged as a leading school in the Allan Gray Circle of Excellence.

Proceed to the heart of the school to view the Allan Gray Circle of Excellence Trophy. It is housed in Mrs Gallie’s office. Unless she is teaching her door is always open for a soft word of encouragement or gentle word of praise.

Once out in the Cochoqua Court, sit in the shade of the Remembrance Garden as you cast your eye on the Freedom Bell, erected in recognition of the First Nation of Khoi Khoi who lived here and whose descendants attend and teach at the school. The Freedom Bell, a symbol of the school’s stand against prejudice that of racism and sexism especially is flanked by the symbols we hold dear: Our school flag, the South African Flag and the African Union Flag are vivid reminders that at The Settlers we are enriching our local communities while preparing our learners to be part of a global community.

The Settlers High School is a very special place. The school believes in a balanced approach to education, focusing on our four pillars of Academics, Sport, Pastoral Care and Culture, and it prides itself on offering wonderful opportunities for all who attend the school.

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